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KatLynne Joerg(KC) @katlynnelifts  - Coach / Athlete 


KatLynne is a NASM certified personal trainer, wellness and nutrition coach, and bikini competitor who is on a mission to bring the freedom of a healthy and fit lifestyle to others. As a type 1 Diabetic, she began her fitness journey in the face of adversity, striving to prove to others that competing and achieving your goals is entirely possible when backed with scientific principles, savvy training, and a whole lot of heart. She has competed in the WBFF, INBF, and NPC federations as well as Spartan Races and a variety of other athletic events. She understands that each client needs an individualized approach to programming and nutrition, never using a cookie cutter plan. If you are looking to achieve your goals in a flexible manner, utilizing a science based approach, she is your girl. KatLynne works with individuals from all backgrounds and goals from those looking to start a healthier lifestyle, those looking to compete in the future, or even preparing for an event or wedding.

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