TohoFit is a true lifestyle brand. That is bringing you a unique style to the fitness and military lifestyle. We are a one of a kind brand for the everyday active lifestyle to the Warriors that protect us.

Toho is short for. Tohopka, Native American (Hopi) and it's meaning is wild beast.


TohoFit is the relentless fighting spirit of those who conquer adversity through life's everyday battles. We are the military Man and Woman, the Firefighter, the Law Enforcement, and the Volunteer who sacrifices everything and who risks it all for an idea that everyone tells them is impossible. TohoFit is also the everyday Man and Woman who refuses to accept defeat and aspires to make a better life for others before themselves.

TohoFit is the Beast that is inside of us all, the Warrior, the Athlete, and the Professional who dedicates their life to a discipline that brings great pride and happiness to their families and to their nation.

There's a Wild Beast inside of us. At times it's burning at us to come out and show itself. It has an unrelenting desire to push yourself harder and further than anyone could think possible. The beast pushes ourselves in those cold,dark corners,it's there where the bad things live. It's there where the bad things fight. Deep inside of us and even deeper inside the beast is a fight that we are hungry for. We want that fight at it's highest volume. A loud fight,the loudest, coldest,darkest, most unpleasant of the unpleasant fights. It's then that we are pushed in those cold, dark corners where the bad things live and fight and it's then that our beast get to truly unleash and MAKE US TOHOFIT!


We are an organization that is built of veterans and like minded patriots that are working towards building a better and healthier place.

 MISSION STATEMENT: Our goal at TohoFit is to be the leading lifestyle brand/ training center that brings you a truly unique style that is recognized by the warriors that protect us and those that live a active lifestyle.


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