Lower body strength/ hypertrophy work

Today's Thrashing.

Lower body strength/ hypertrophy work

Warmup: 3-4 rounds

10 Box Jumps

20 Weighted walking lunges

10 each side Lateral side steps/ squat to a leg lift



Barbell Squat 5-5-5-5-5


Superset- rest 30 seconds, then perform next exercise, rest 90 seconds and repeat

Super slow Eccentric Back Squat             5x4

(Squat down in 6 seconds, stand up fast)


Dumbbell Jump Squat                          5x10

(using 20-30% of your body weight)



Barbell Hip Thrust                               4x 10

(3 second hold at peak contraction)



Interval Bike Sprints 30 seconds stand sprint/ 30 second rest sitting

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